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Your Tailored Kitchen Awaits!

Make the most of your kitchen renovation investment

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential


“Being able to combine standard and custom cabinet sizes meant no space went to waste; and we were able to stretch our budget to create our dream custom kitchen. The Merit Kitchens’ team were able to quickly troubleshoot issues and offer valuable design and layout advice”

Stephanie Lloyd, Homeowner

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Designing a Customized Look & Feel

Without Spending a Full Custom Budget

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Custom Panels

Your dishwasher can be easily hidden by a customized cabinet door panel to match the rest of your cabinetry. Don't want to look at your fridge anymore, we have a solution for that too.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Drawer Banks

Add organization and function by using standard cabinet drawers rather than traditional cabinets.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Warming Details

Custom oak shelves finished in a natural clear stain warms an all white kitchen and adds to this overall light & airy design style.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Kitchen Organization

Custom oak shelves with metal detailing, and standard kitchen organizers were on this homeowners wish list.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Easy Choices

Some of the custom choices are obvious, Merit Kitchens can help you save money by ensuring customization happens where needed.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Standards Customized

Some cabinets are easy to understand why you want custom over standard. A few customized cabinets can go a long way in creating a full custom look.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Kitchens for Everyone

When you're starting to think about your kitchen renovation, be sure to include everyone who will be using it. Multi functional and optimized.

Merit Kitchens Cabinets Confidential

Moving the Peninsula

Moving the peninsula expanded the entrance, created a larger kitchen layout and made room for an additional bank of drawers.

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